Tax Return Software in Indonesia: A Simple Guide

Don’t let tax season in Indonesia cause a tsunami of paperwork in your life.

Navigating through the labyrinth of tax laws can be complex, but with the right software by your side, it can be as smooth as a ride through Bali’s scenic routes.

Let’s unravel the mystery of the best tax return software solutions available in Indonesia.”Don’t let tax season in Indonesia cause a tsunami of paperwork in your life.

Navigating through the labyrinth of tax laws can be complex, but with the right software by your side, it can be as smooth as a ride through Bali’s scenic routes.

Let’s unravel the mystery of the best tax return software solutions available in Indonesia.


How To File a Tax Return?

To file a tax return, an individual must register as a taxpayer in order to obtain a tax identification number (NPWP). Expatriates must obtain an NPWP if they are tax residents.

While employers are responsible for deducting tax from their employee’s salaries, the individual employee must register as a taxpayer and file their tax returns.

Paying taxes has been made easy since Indonesia took further steps to simplify the taxation process by introducing an online filing and payment system for significant taxes in 2019.

How To Get Your Taxes Back in Indonesia?

Taxpayers in Indonesia should now file their tax returns by March 31. For corporate, you should lodge the tax return within four months after the end of the calendar year or taxable year.

The annual tax return is for the period January 1 to December 31.

Where Should You File Your Tax Return?

Visit the official website for filing your tax return, provided by the government.

You must register yourself or your company at DGT with mandatory documents to obtain a tax I.D. (NPWP).

However, it is often reported to be lagging and hangs due to massive accessibility.

However, we’ve got a solution to all your concerns. Aside from having to wait around for the website to work, taxpayers can now report their SPT (Surat Pemberitahuan Tahunan) via other sites available as official partners of DJP.

This software helps deliver the same services as the official site (DJP), including some incredible features.

The best thing is, most of them are also free!

Here are the following tax return softwares in indonesia,

DJP Online

DJP online is the official Tax Directional General website specifically designed for online SPT reporting, accessing personal and annual corporate tax return forms, and I.D. billing creation.

To file your tax return on the DJP Online website, follow these steps;

⦁ Go to and log in with your NWFP number and passcode. If you’re reporting for the first time, click ‘Register’ and follow the steps provided to register for an account.
⦁ Click the given ‘Report’ tab.
⦁ Select the method that you prefer by using the PDF e-form and file it on the website.

Please make sure you use the method you prefer and follow the guidelines on the website.

Get started with DJP Online 🔥 is another tax application service provider, the official partner of DJP, made through Decree KEP – 169 / P.J. / 2018. It provides tax-related services such as paying taxes, calculating taxes, and reporting SPT online (e-filing) for free. provides an easy e-filing system for corporate taxpayers and personal taxpayers. Through, you will receive an Electronic Receipt (BPE) directly from DJP after completing the e-filing.

Klikpajak is also trusted by the best companies in Indonesia, such as Iseller, Asani, Mbiz, etc.

Benefits Of Using Klikpajak:
Manage taxes without any hassle
(Automatically calculated taxes, automated calculated invoices, digitally send tax documents)

Ability to manage taxes with your team to be more productive
(Manage multiple NPWPs with the team at the same time without performance interference)

Access online anywhere
(Access and download online and digitally)

Responsive Customer Support
(Easy to contact online and responsive to help with Klikpajak product training to the problems that you encounter)

Get started with Klikpajak 🔥


OnlinePajak is a website managed by a third party but is also one of the official partners for DJP online through Decree No. 193 / P.J. / 2015. It allows OnlinePajak to provide e-filing services.

Those who are personal taxpayers can do e-filing by accessing the OnlinePajak website and mobile app. Taxpayers who do e-filing via this website will receive a receipt from DJP indicating that the e-filing process is complete.

OnlinePajak does not charge users for e-filing services.

However, different packages are provided for better services, such as the team package, which allows up to 10 NPWPs and five users, API access, etc., just for Rp360.000 per month.

It also offers the SME package, which allows up to 50 NPWPs and 50 users, and all team features, just for Rp1.960.000 per month.

OnlinePajak has about 3,000,000+ users registered on their app, facilitating 10% of the Indonesian Economy tax collection. On top of that, it has done $45M in total funding to date.

For more information, visit their website or download the OnlinePajak Mobile App.

Get started with Klikpajak 🔥


Apart from DJP online and OnlinePajak, the Pajakku website also offers services where you can report your SPT online.

It claims to have obtained an official license from DGT through SK KEP 617 / P.J. / 2019.

There are many benefits to using Pajakku. It offers you the accessibility to manage the tax administration of many NPWPs, with just one account.

With user role access, you can even set roles that can manage NPWP.

Pajakku offers you the following:

This site allows you to create billing codes, pay taxes, calculate taxes, report tax returns, and register NPWP.

⦁ Easy tax filing
⦁ Tax information system
⦁ E-Unification
⦁ E-Confirmation of TaxPayer status
⦁ Tax State Revenue
⦁ Tax E-Bill
⦁ E-Tax invoice
⦁ E-Integrated Tax processing
⦁ Tax E-Met

Get started with Pajakku 🔥

Mekari Jurnal

Mekari Jurnal is a tax management software specifically for businesses, integrated with KlikPajak and an authorized partner from DJP.

It offers comprehensive features, such as automated tax calculation, and minimizes fraud and error.

Mekari jurnal offers different packages for your business, such as:
Pro – Rp 449,000 per month
(this includes complete financial reports, sales & purchase history, inventory & assessment management, etc.)
Enterprise – Rp 809,000 per month
(this includes the same as pro, including approval and authorization, budget management & multi-currency)
Enterprise + – Rp 1,169,000 per month
(this includes the same as pro & enterprise, including join invoice, profitability report, multi-product pricing, etc)

Get started with Mekari Jurnal🔥

Bonus: H&R Block Expat Tax

If you are a U.S. citizen residing in Indonesia and looking to file your tax returns, H&R Block guarantees accessible U.S. expat tax services.

It offers you both individual tax filing and the services of a tax advisor as well!
Expat offers you two packages;

File online and all by yourself, only for $99 (+$49 per FBAR) You can do your own taxes easily using the online tools provided.

File with a tax advisor, only for $199 (+99 FBAR -for additional years) Tax advisors tend to get you all the credits and deductions, access your tax documents year-round, set up your online account easily with support, see your price estimate of tax prep before you begin, and much more.

Through H&R Block, you can now quickly meet your U.S. tax obligations from all over the world.

Get started with Mekari Jurnal🔥


Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned expat in Indonesia, the right tax software can make all the difference between a stressful tax season and a breezy one.

Now that you’ve explored our list, pick the tax return software that fits your needs and get back to enjoying the beauty of Indonesia.

After all, who wouldn’t rather be lounging on a beach in Bali instead of wrestling with tax forms?

Just ensure you report before the due date to avoid a fine.

Happy filing!

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