Top Picks: Apps for Speaking Indonesian Better

Welcome, language enthusiasts and expats in Indonesia! If you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey of mastering Indonesian, look no further.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best apps that will have you speaking Bahasa Indonesia like a pro in no time.

Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to seamless communication with the help of these interactive and user-friendly language learning tools.


Why Should You Not Rely on Only One App While Learning Indonesian?

Learning a new language challenges both your mind and time. Your brain has to construct new cognitive frames requiring sustained, consistent practice.

Everyone has their way of learning. Some learn better with reading and writing, while others adapt better to listening and speaking.

The best way to learn a new language is to do all four like listening, writing, reading, and speaking. This way, you can properly use the new language in any required way.

Some apps listed below give you access to all four of these features. However, some might still consist of two of each. This is why it is essential to use more than one app in order to learn a language.

Combine a couple of apps you like the best, and get started!


Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps in the whole world. It provides you with a fun and interactive way to learn Indonesian.

With its quick, bite-sized lessons, you’ll earn points and unlock new levels of learning while gaining real-world communication skills.

Duolingo uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to set different proficiency goals. The levels are labelled as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. These levels cover all the complex language needs.

The app starts by teaching basic words in Bahasa Indonesia before moving on to essential aspects such as comprehension and pronunciation.

Why Duolingo?

⦁ It offers an engaging way for total beginners to start learning Indonesian.
⦁ It provides you with short, holistic lessons that optimize information absorption
⦁ The gamelike environment keeps the learning process fees

Duolingo is a free app, but it offers a monthly premium version for $6.99 (104,263.60 IDR).

It is available on both Android and IOS.

Get started with Duolingo 🔥


Drop is a language-learning app with a highly smooth and gorgeous interface that makes language learning an aesthetically pleasing experience.

It uses flashcards and word associations to help users quickly learn and understand new Indonesian words and phrases.

The short, engaging games make language learning a fun part of your daily routine and not a chore. It offers 45+ languages. Each lesson on Drops lasts only about five minutes.

While it is the perfect app to learn Indonesian for beginners, it caters to all proficiency levels.

Why Drops?

⦁ It gives short, quick lessons that don’t consume much of your time
Vivid flashcards that will keep you interested
⦁ It is a great way to learn more vocabulary in a short period of time

Drops offer premium features at $9.99 (149,613.52 IDR) per month and $159.99 (2,396,868.68 IDR) for lifetime access.

It is available on both Android and IOS.

Get started with Drops 🔥


Mondly is another app to learn Indonesian by staying engaged through interactive lessons. It offers fun, easy, and effective language courses designed by language experts.

Mondly consists of

⦁ More than 1000 language combinations
⦁ Give your 50 topics to prepare you for the most common situations
⦁ Have 36 vocabulary builders to install words fast
⦁ Provide you with 41 honest conversations to give you fluency
⦁ Grammar features and conjugation tables to shortcut your progress if you’re running low on time
⦁ Quick daily lessons for constant improvement

Each lesson emphasizes a different aspect of Bahasa Indonesia and lasts only a few moments each. These small lessons focus on conversational topics such as greetings and ordering food at a restaurant.

Mondly offers you a monthly subscription which starts at $9.99 (149,613.52 IDR) per month, while a yearly plan costs $47.99 (715,194.64 IDR).

It is available on both IOS and Android.

Get started with Mondly 🔥


Babbel is the most comprehensive language learning app in the world compared to the other apps. In Babbel, before you begin your learning journey, you can take a placement test so that the app can measure your level of Indonesian proficiency.

This makes this app more useful not just for beginners but for intermediate learners as well.

You can choose from various levels, and after that, you’ll be able to start learning via multiple courses and lessons, each expertly crafted to deliver results. These interactive lessons will help you focus heavily on conversational topics.

In addition to this, Babbel includes audio clips to get you accustomed to proper pronunciation, and spaced repetition can help you retain what you’ve already learned.

Why Babbel?

⦁ The pre-course assessment will help determine where you stand
Engaging content that focuses on daily conversational topics
⦁ Holistic lessons can help you work on your fundamental grammar

Babbel offers a monthly subscription for $12.95 (193,375.29 IDR), while a yearly plan costs $83.40 (1,227,414.48 IDR).

Get started with Babbel 🔥


Pimsleur is another app where you can learn Indonesian quickly by relying on the effective Pimsleur Method, which taps into intuitive learning and combines them with essential vocabulary. With Pimsleur, you can immerse yourself in the language.

They provide audio lessons based on real-world contexts, which will help boost your pronunciation and help you pick up critical grammatical nuances. In addition to this, Pimsleur accesses your learning with flashcards, games, and bonus learning materials.

Why Pimsleur?

Audio lessons that help you focus on real-world conversational skills
⦁ It comes with a hands-free mode so that you can learn anytime and anywhere
⦁ Bonus learning materials complement core lessons

Pimsleur offers subscriptions at

$14.95 (224371.095 IDR) per month for Audio Only
$19.95 (298,878.24 IDR) per month for Premium with Bonus features
$20.95 (310,781.246027 IDR) per month for all access

It is available on both IOS and Android.

Get started with Pimsleur 🔥

Learn Bahasa Indonesian

The Learn Bahasa Indonesian app is perfect for those who want to learn simple Indonesian enough to communicate with people living there. This is all for you if you’re going for a week’s vacation in Indonesia.

It is a helpful phrasebook containing a list of essential phrases and short audio lessons to help with pronunciation. These phrases are split into different topics, which include basic greetings, ordering food, asking for directions, and more.

Why Learn Bahasa Indonesian?

⦁ A quick way to learn valuable phrases
⦁ Ability to store your favorite phrases
⦁ Offers you offline access

This app is free and is available on IOS and Android.

Get started with Learn Bahasa Indonesian 🔥


FunEasyLearn is another beginnerfriendly app for you to learn Indonesian. It is a comprehensive word bank and phrasebook that helps you enhance your vocabulary and helps you gain more fluency using what you have learned.

It features high-quality audio lessons, vibrant illustrations, and an intelligent search function, amongst many other valuable tools. FunEasyLearn is one of the top apps to learn Indonesian easily and quickly.

The lessons are separated into categories: travel, business, and more. This makes finding exactly what you want quick without going through hours of courses and lessons.

Why FunEasyLearn?

⦁ Fun experience
⦁ Comprehensive word bank and phrasebook
⦁ Offline access

FunEasyLearn offers you premium access which starts at $4.99 (74,365.94 IDR) per month, and lifetime access costs you $65 (967,781.75 IDR). It is available on both IOS and Android.

Get started with FunEasyLearn 🔥


Cudoo is another app where you can learn Indonesian easily and quickly without leaving the comfort of your home. Their innovative platform offers you various courses, from beginner to advanced levels, taught by experienced language instructors.

You can even study independently or pair up with a friend and their interactive exercises will keep you engaged.

Cudoo has an exclusive speech recognition system that ensures you’ll get real-time feedback on your pronunciation skills.

It consists of 1300+ courses, 160+ languages, and dialects. Cudoo offers you a variety of courses.

⦁ Learn business Indonesian online for $12.99 (194,607.94 IDR)
⦁ The Indonesian language bundle is $24.99 (374,258.45 IDR)

Why Cudoo?

⦁ Online courses are available for you anytime and anywhere
Learn at your own pace
⦁ Accessibility to intensive courses
Professional instructions with relevant credentials

It is available on both IOS and Android.

Get started with Cudoo 🔥


Bravolol is a series of apps that consists of different languages. It offers you an introductory language learning experience.

It consists of many useful Indonesian phrases and words (e.g., ‘Thank you, ‘How much?’ etc). When you tap a phrase, the app speaks it aloud.

The pronunciation is provided by an Indonesian native speaker, which will help you get your dialect right.

It consists of many features, such as;

Useful Indonesian phrases and words
⦁ Pronunciation record by a native Indonesian speaker
⦁ Voice recording and playback
No internet connection required
⦁ Instant search by keywords
Customizable font size

Get started with Bravolol 🔥


Brainscape is a customizable flashcard language learning app where you can pick the language you want to learn and create your personalized learning path.

It applies decades of cognitive science research toward an optimal educational experience that drills you on bite-sized learning objectives.

Brainscape’s online flashcards optimize your studying by repeating more complex concepts in the perfect interval for maximum memory retention.

Brainscape consists of free features such as

Find great flashcards
Create your flashcards
Study with spaced repetition
Track your progress
Collaborate with classmates
Share your class

However, it does offer you premium features just for $8 (118,956.73 IDR) per month, which as

⦁ Study unlimited premium cards
⦁ Upload unlimited images and sounds
Copy other user’s flashcards
⦁ Import and export CSV
Study bookmarked flashcards
⦁ Make classes private
⦁ See detailed student stats

Get started with BrainScrape 🔥


HelloTalk is a language learning app that allows users to communicate with others in different languages.It is a worldwide community where native speakers teach you their language while you teach them yours.

It also provides you with intuitive language tools, and built-in aids for translation, pronunciation, transliteration, and corrections, which make conversations run smoothly.

HelloTalk believes that the best way to learn a language is to speak it. Thus, it connects you with native speakers to chat with for free.

It is available on IOS, Android, and the Web.

Get started with HelloTalk 🔥


Clozemaster is a gamified language-learning app, just like Duolingo. A cloze is an exercise, test, or assessment consisting of a portion of language with certain items, words, or signs where the participant is asked to replace the word missing.

It believes in learning vocabulary in context by filling in the missing word for thousands of sentences. It consists of more than 50 languages.

Clozemaster is free to sign up, but it offers Clozemaster Pro, which gets you access to advanced features and stats.

Get started with Clozemaster 🔥


Congratulations! You’ve now unlocked the linguistic treasure trove of Bahasa Indonesia, all thanks to these top-notch language learning apps.

With their immersive features and engaging lessons, you’re well-equipped to confidently converse with locals and fully embrace the Indonesian culture.

So, don’t hesitate to dive into the world of language learning and watch as the boundaries between cultures dissolve and unforgettable connections blossom.

Happy Learning!

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